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Boston Limo’s as directed car service and as directed limousine service are perfect for a variety of transportation needs. Enjoy our luxury car service complete with professional, prompt and courteous chauffeur. Our chauffeur will gladly take you anywhere you need you to go.

Business Meetings – Whether you are here on business from out of town, or have an office locally, avoid the headache of Boston traffic and trying to find a place to park. Let Boston Limo chauffeur you between your meetings. You will feel more relaxed, be dropped off at the front door, and even have time to review presentations.

Medical Appointments – Consider booking a car service to bring you to and from medical appointments if you will not be able to drive yourself home. Our chauffeurs will ensure you arrive home safely while riding in comfort.

Sightseeing/Tours – Boston is rich in historic landmarks, museums and cultural points of interest, as well as gorgeous views and much more. Hiring a car service for sightseeing affords you the perfect opportunity to see all Boston has to offer without the hassles of traffic, finding parking, or figuring out how to get from one place to the next. If you are interested in a more formal tour, we work closely with the tour company that provides knowledgeable tour guides who travel with you while giving a tour tailored to your interests.

Dinner – Next time you make dinner reservations, make car service reservations too. Don’t think twice about enjoying a perfectly paired glass of wine with your meal, or grabbing a drink at the bar. With Boston Limo’s professional chauffeur waiting to take you home, you can make a night of it and never worry about having a designated driver.

Shopping – Enjoy the convenience of shopping while having a car readily available to store your purchases in, bring you to various shopping locations, and some at the ready to drive you home after a long day.

These examples are just a sampling of the many reasons people use as directed car service in Boston. We also provide as directed service for real estate showings, running errands around town, lawyers traveling to various court houses, and more. Please calls us today to schedule your as directed car service or as directed limousine service!

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